Sunday, May 23, 2010

You Won't Believe This!

Yesterday was my son Jordan's 15th birthday party. We had a cook-out (it rained- of course- and our dog bit two of the guests) and had the regular variety of hamburgers and potato salad. My good friend, the owner of Miss Bliss Bakery in Horsham, PA made the birthday cake. Miss Bliss provided many of the delicious baked products for my Tea Bar and tea parties that we catered over the past two years(some of you may remember the "giant cake"). When she arrived at my home on Friday evening with the cake it was in a big, sealed box and she warned me that it was heavy. Well, after she left I opened the box and was truly amazed at the beautiful, towering cake that must have weighed at least 10 pounds of pound cake. Jordan likes lemon so it was a 4-layer lemon pound cake with lemon mousse separating the layers. The cake was so spectacular that my son took each guest to "see my giant cake" as soon as they arrived. No one could wait until we cut it and my brother-in-law insisted that we needed a sword- a long knife did the trick. It was by far the best cake I ever tasted in my life and even my mother, Queen of the Pound Cake, agreed! If you are in the Philadelphia area (and I think she can ship)and need a cake for a special occasion or just for a sugar fix you have to contact Miss Bliss Bakery at