Monday, November 26, 2012

Health Studies on Tea

Hello! I am sorry I have not kept up with my blogging. I have been working on my dissertation proposal and the time has gotten away from me. A part of my research is about health studies on tea and I have compiled a big stack of documents. I thought I would share some of the health benefits of tea with you. **A study in 2011 by by Matheson, Mainous, Everett, and King suggested that both tea and coffee may have antimicrobial properties that can reduce the likelihood of nasal carriage methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). **A 2009 study by Lu, Yang, Jin, Herber, and Loo revealed that drinking green tea may alter the levels of protein required for the growth of lung cancer cells. The study supports the theory that green tea may be effective in inhibi
ting the growth of lung cancer cells. **A 2011 study by Bogdanski, Suliburska, Szulinska, Stepien, Pupek-Musialik & Jablecks indicated that drinking green team may reduce insulin, glucose levels, and C-reactive protein levels. I have many more...but the bottom line is that drinking tea supports health and well-being. Cheers!