Monday, January 26, 2009

The Benefits of Black Tea

I don't know if you noticed but most people refer to green tea when they are discussing tea and health. A customer asked me yesterday if there are ANY health benefits to black tea. You bet there are!! This is for all Assam & Ceylon lovers:

According to a study by University College of London researchers, drinking black tea lowers stress hormone levels of cortisol. "Just 50 minutes after a high stress event, tea drinkers, who had been drinking 4 cups of black tea daily for a month, had a 20% greater drop in cortisol than the placebo group. Blood platelet activation, which is linked to blood clotting and the risk of heart attacks was also lower for tea drinkers." (“Black tea soothes away stress,” Science Daily, October 4, 2006.)
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago stated that the polyphenols in black tea help inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.
Mild burns such as sunburn can be treated with cold black tea. Soak a dishtowel in cold black tea and place the cold compress on the burn says Marie Savard, MD of the University of Pennsylvania. The phytonutrients will reduce the inflamed blood vessels. (Health News You Can Use At Home; Rodale 2008)
Black tea consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Double Header This Sunday at The Hill Tea Bar!

Stop by this Sunday (1/25/09) for an entertaining afternoon!

Sunday, January 25th: 11am to 12noon/ Hypnosis with Sharon Muir
Expansive Trance at the Hill Tea Bar
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Spend some time with Sharon Muir Certified Hypnotist!
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Sunday, January 25th; 12noon to 2pm/ Live Music with Michael Mabry
Folksinger Michael Mabry performs an eclectic mix of traditional and original story songs, drawing on American, British and Celtic roots. An accomplished singer, songwriter and guitarist, Michael has been entertaining audiences in and around Philadelphia for 15 years.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lose Weight in 2009- With Oolong!

Well- it is resolution time again. I noticed all of the "resolution" people in the gym the first week in January (yes...I was among them). Some exciting study results have been published about the weight loss benefits of oolong tea that may make achieving your weight loss goal a bit easier in 2009.
A high profile Japanese study was conducted in 2006, and researchers concluded that oolong tea was able to reduce the absorption of fats eaten during a meal. They found that fat lipids were passed through the body at a higher rate than participants who did not drink the tea after their meals. The tea also had a positive effect on the participant's cholesterol levels. Another study, conducted in China in 1998 studied 102 women, and the effects of oolong consumption, over a six week period. The study revealed that consumption of oolong tea, for the six weeks period, resulted in a reduction of body weight. In 2001 the US Agriculture Research Services' Diet and Human Laboratory conducted a study regarding oolong tea and found that fat oxidation was increased by 12% after consuming oolong tea.

Why not try some oolong and boost your 2009 resolution!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tea is Trendy Again!

Health Magazine has a recent tea article (Tea is Trendy Again) that I wanted to share with you. It is an interesting read...even though we all know that tea has always been trendy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Puffy Eyes? Try This!

I looked in the mirror last week and realized that I looked like I had a down pillow under each of my eyes. Too little sleep was starting to take its toll and I needed help. I searched my handy Herbal Cures book and found that chamomile would reduce swelling if applied topically. I made 1 cup of chamomile tisane (1 tsp steeped in boiling water for 7 minutes) and chilled it in the refrigerator. I soaked two cotton balls in the cold tisane and let them rest on my closed eyelids for about 15 minutes (I did this laying down of course!!). The next morning my eyes appeared a bit better but it was not the big difference I hoped for. A friend told me to try Preparation H but I was determined to find a natural solution. I took the cold tisane and poured it into an icecube tray and put it in the freezer. Once I had chamomile icecubes I took out two and wrapped each in a clean washcloth. Again, laying down, I rested a wash cloth on each eye for about 20 minutes. The next morning the puffiness was significantly reduced! Try it out the next time you have a puffy eye issue.