Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lose Weight in 2009- With Oolong!

Well- it is resolution time again. I noticed all of the "resolution" people in the gym the first week in January (yes...I was among them). Some exciting study results have been published about the weight loss benefits of oolong tea that may make achieving your weight loss goal a bit easier in 2009.
A high profile Japanese study was conducted in 2006, and researchers concluded that oolong tea was able to reduce the absorption of fats eaten during a meal. They found that fat lipids were passed through the body at a higher rate than participants who did not drink the tea after their meals. The tea also had a positive effect on the participant's cholesterol levels. Another study, conducted in China in 1998 studied 102 women, and the effects of oolong consumption, over a six week period. The study revealed that consumption of oolong tea, for the six weeks period, resulted in a reduction of body weight. In 2001 the US Agriculture Research Services' Diet and Human Laboratory conducted a study regarding oolong tea and found that fat oxidation was increased by 12% after consuming oolong tea.

Why not try some oolong and boost your 2009 resolution!


Gel said...

This is just fantastic!

I cant wait to place my order online, and start 2009 best resolution ever

TeaBar said...

Thanks Gel! You will love Oolong tea. Pam