Saturday, January 3, 2009

Puffy Eyes? Try This!

I looked in the mirror last week and realized that I looked like I had a down pillow under each of my eyes. Too little sleep was starting to take its toll and I needed help. I searched my handy Herbal Cures book and found that chamomile would reduce swelling if applied topically. I made 1 cup of chamomile tisane (1 tsp steeped in boiling water for 7 minutes) and chilled it in the refrigerator. I soaked two cotton balls in the cold tisane and let them rest on my closed eyelids for about 15 minutes (I did this laying down of course!!). The next morning my eyes appeared a bit better but it was not the big difference I hoped for. A friend told me to try Preparation H but I was determined to find a natural solution. I took the cold tisane and poured it into an icecube tray and put it in the freezer. Once I had chamomile icecubes I took out two and wrapped each in a clean washcloth. Again, laying down, I rested a wash cloth on each eye for about 20 minutes. The next morning the puffiness was significantly reduced! Try it out the next time you have a puffy eye issue.

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Gel said...

It does work, first time i learned that was from my grandmother, and she learned from her mother that was an indian, a Brazilian Indian!