Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chamong Estate Darjeeling is Here!

The Chamong Tea Estate was a finalist in the Super Black Tea category for the 2008 World Tea Competition and was awarded a final score of 93. The Hill Tea Bar has the Chamong whole leaf darjeeling Spring, Summer, Autumn and Monsoon flushes available- including a sampler pack. The tea is organic and was packed in July 2008. We are regularly asked about the darjeeling flushes and what it really means to the tea drinker.

Spring Flush- After a period of dormancy in the winter months the tea bushes present delicate new growth shoots that have a green/grey tea leaf appearance. The tea liquor will be fresh with a mild floral flavor.

Summer Flush- From May until the end of July the summer flush teas are produced. The tea leaves will have a sprinkling of silver tips. The aroma of summer flush tea will be full bodied while the flavor of the tea liquor will be mellow with a slight muscatel flavor.

Monsoon Flush- Produced from August until October the monsoon flush darjeeling will have a bolder flavor than the summer flush. The aroma is strong, fresh and sweet. The infused tea leaf will be light-coppery gold in color.

Autumn Flush- Produced from October until the winter season this tea liqor will have the boldest flavor of all of the darjeeling flushes. The aroma is sweet and the infused tea leaf will be bright coppery-gold in color.

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Sudeep Gurung said...

Hi, its nice to read something on Chamong for the first time,have you ever been here before,ayways its great you are familiar with the name,i was in chamong for 8 years as a planter the quality those days used to be awesome..