Friday, February 6, 2009

The Power of Ginger

I regularly sell black and green tea mixed with ginger to customers who have sore throats or upset stomachs. I have also read about the powerful anti-nausea benefits of ginger but never had a first hand experience until last weekend when my husband and I went out to dinner with friends and on the ride home the nauseous feeling I had was overwhelming. Thus began a 24 hour vomiting episode that ended in the emergency room where I was told that I had "The Virus" and not food poisoning as I had self-diagnosed. I was given an IV with medicine to stop the nausea and felt much better when I got home. Within a few hours the good feeling was gone and I was in full virus mode again. I took the anti-nausea medicine the ER doctor sent home with me and ultimately realized it was worthless. On the third afternoon I was laying in bed and remembered that ginger is supposed to quell motion sickness so I sent my husband to the market to purchase some ginger (that is another story all together). I peeled about a tablespoon amount of the ginger and cut it into small slices. I boiled the ginger with about 16 ounces of water for about 5 minutes and added a teaspoon of raw honey. The ginger infusion shockingly worked better than the medication and a cup every hour killed the virus for good!


Anonymous said...

This came just in time! I just made it for my husband. I will report how it works. Katie

Anonymous said...

Better late than never. I wanted to write back to say that this worked for my entire family. Katie