Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Reason To Drink Tea

Just a little tidbit to think about. A 14oz (this is the small size)coffee latte has approximately 150 calories, without any sweetener or syrup. If you drink one a day for a year you have racked up 54,750 calories (if you use syrup and sweetener you can add another 25,000 calories- mochachino anyone??). That equates to 15.6 pounds of body fat per year. Switch to unsweetened (or use Splenda or Stevia) and you could slim down without much effort. Just a thought.



Susie said...

This is really amazing. I am going to switch my morning latte, and I do add a shot of syrup, with black tea. Starting my New Year resolution early.

Raine said...

Shocking but it makes sense. I am also going to give it a go. It is kind of like "Drink this instead of that".