Monday, February 8, 2010

Read The Tea Leaves

The second most asked question (the first is: how to lose weight with tea) by my customers is how to read tea leaves, and if there really is such a thing. Reading tea leaves is the art of tasseography which is practiced most often in England, Scotland and Ireland but was originally developed at least a thousand years ago in China. Special cups have been designed for tea leaf reading but you can also use a regular tea cup. Place a pinch of tea leaves into a tea cup and pour boiling water over the leaves and steep for 3minutes. Drink the liquid leaving the loose tea and a small amount of liquid on the bottom of the cup. Take the cup by the handle and move it rapidly in a circle (swirl the liquid) 3 times. Next, slowly invert the cup on a saucer and let all of the liquid drain. The cup is divided into 3 parts: the rim is the present, the side represents events in the near future and the bottom is the distant future. The following are some symbols (and their meaning) to look for:

Acorn: Improved health
Anchor: Success in business or love
Sun, Moon or Star: Good luck
Owl: Sickness or poverty
Elephant: Happiness
Triangles: Unexpected good fortune
Birds: Good luck

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Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can buy one of the special reading cups? Thank you.

TeaBar said...

Hi! If you are local to Philadelphia you can check out Portabella in Chestnut Hill- it is an antique shop that must have close to 1000 tea cups and pots. They have vintage Paragon tea leaf reading cups. I hope that helps.