Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tea Steeping Guide

While there are no set rules regarding the amount of time to steep loose tea the typical recommendation guidelines are:

Black Tea- 3 to 5 minutes

White Tea- 4 to 5 minutes

Green Tea- 1 to 3 minutes

Oolong Tea- 4 to 7 minutes

Herbal Infusions- 5 to 7 minutes

Water temperature also plays an important role in making an exceptional cup of tea. Generally, the larger and more delicate the tea leaf the lower the water temperature should be. White tea is best if the water is around 175 degrees F whereas black tea requires hotter water approximately 195 degrees F. Herbal infusions and Rooibos require the hottest water and 208 degrees F is recommended. If you don't have time to montior your water temperature don't sweat it! For white or green tea that require cooler water simply boil your water as usual and allow it to cool a few minutes prior to pouring over the tea leaves.

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