Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Year in Tea!

One full year in the tea business has passed and I am still as excited as I was on the first day! In addition to playing with my tea all day (as my husband would put it) I am working on my PhD in the Philosophy of Business and I just completed a research paper on "Job Satisfaction". It was the absolute validation that my decision to be my own boss was the right one. I am more convinced than ever that all of our experiences are building the path to something great...if we are not afraid to take chances and stay motivated to keep moving forward. I have been proud over the past year to use my business as a venue for promoting local farmers, supporting women business owners and as a meeting place for community seminars. Research supports what I always believed- the fact that workers want to be successful and if they are not it is because management will not let them be. If you are not happy have a cup of tea and think about where your path is leading you.


Annie Hart said...

I LOVE the Hill Tea Bar and I love the energy and enthusiasm that Pam McLaughlin has brought to this community. She is truly a business woman with foresight, heart and vision which are all necessary for our successful business future. And she makes an amazing cup of tea!

I was the very first Tea Bar customer. I showed up at opening hour right on the first day. I was a fan right from the start and I will be all the way through. Pam has built community and good businiess practice through tea. Truly a novel idea for business.

May I recommend that you try a cup of her Love Goddess brew? I know I'm partial, it was named after one of my story characters! But anyway, it's really really good. Everything's good. It's all enchanting, magical and tasty at the Hill Tea Bar!

Lannie said...

I also love the tea bar! It is my favorite place to relax. What a great addition to our community.

Anonymous said...

I use to work for you and I think you are an inspiration.I know that I need to keep "moving forward" on my own path.Boy, it is easy to get sidetracked into things that are meaningless (or a job that is meaningless).

TeaBar said...

Thanks to all of your encouragement! My friends and customers are the best.