Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tea & Book Celebration on July 11th!

I love books- all types. My husband recently had to move the treadmill out of our bedroom to build more book shelves. While he takes issue with my weekly expediture for tea purchases from other tea shops (how else am I supposed to keep abreast of trends?)even Mr. Cheapo is embarrassed to complain about my book purchases. Keep in mind that this is a man who told me the other day that marriage counseling is not what people need- instead, they need "Financial Counseling"! Anyway, my idea of the perfect day is sitting in my favorite chair with a real page turner and a cup of Darjeeling in one of my Grammie's teacups. So, I was extremely excited when it was announced that Chestnut Hill will be hosting an Author's Weekend this coming weekend, July 10-12. The Hill Tea Bar will be hosting local author Donna Allender on July 11th at 2pm for a signing and reading from her book "The Humanistic Teacher". Educators and parents won't want to miss this!

The Humanistic Teacher: Meeting the needs of every child is the basic tenet of humanistic education, and this text explores both theory and practical methods for achieving this difficult goal. The Humanistic Teacher enables teachers to meet the different needs of individual students and to become the educators they want to be. Donna Sclarow Allender cofounded the Project Learn School in Philadelphia in 1970. She is also a practicing psychotherapist.

I also want to tell you about our dear friend, Salvatore Grasso, who is a local author of murder mysteries ("Larceny" and "Paradise Awakens"). Check out his books at www.salvatoregrasso.com or at amazon.com.


Sammy said...

What other authors will be in Chestnut Hill for the book show?

TeaBar said...

Here is the web address for all of the festivities. The schedule is really packed with events all weekend. Enjoy!!