Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Men's Club

Yesterday my 14-year old son helped me with an event we held at The Woodmere Art Museum. Later at night when my husband asked him how it went he explained that only "one man" attended and the rest was a "big room full of ladies". I had to jump in and tell my son about a male customer who came in a few weeks ago and told me that he coordinates a "tea group" at his law firm in NYC. The customer explained how each lawyer brings in a variety of tea and once a month they meet up in the office kitchen and taste all of the different types of tea- he also told me that the members of the tea group are mostly men. After the tea tasting they leave the tea in the kitchen to enjoy for the rest of the month until their next tasting. Well, my son rolled his eyes at me but it is true that tea is a man's drink. Most of my loose tea customers are men- and they purchase more white and puerh than women. When my husband was growing up he remembers visiting his favorite uncle and drinking tea (on the occasions that they were not drinking whiskey). His uncle was an interesting sort who would fire "warning shots" with his rifle up through the roof. My husband does not know what the warnings were for but he remembers that they always drank tea. It just goes to prove, you should never stereotype a tea drinker!


Anonymous said...

I am a tea drinking man and proud of it. At least when I am anonymous.

TeaBar said...

Anonymous is okay! It doesn't matter if you are a closet tea drinker- what matters is that you are a tea drinker. Cheers!