Friday, August 7, 2009

Taste World Famous Darjeeling Tea on August 15th!

August 15, 2009 - 1pm-3pm at our shop in Philadelphia, PA.
Experience two of the finest 2nd flush darjeeling teas in the world! Stop by for a special complimentary tea tasting.

*An special 2nd Flush from the Chamong tea estate has natural nuances of peach flavor that delight the tea connoisseurs refined palate. The flavor grows as you savour every sip due to special characteristics in the soil. This 100% organic tippy golden tea will elevate your senses.

*Lingia 2nd Flush is uniquely saturated with the essence of wild rose. The teas from Lingia estate are a tea connoisseurs delight. Lingia tea is known for its distinct wild floral notes. (I cannot get enough of this tea. It is absolutely amazing!)


Chloe said...

Will be the first one in line. I love Darjeeling. It makes me feel very "French" for some reason.

TeaBar said...

The French love Darjeeling. Some very famous folks have the first flush air lifted in as soon as it is harvested. See you tomorrow!