Friday, August 14, 2009

A Tea-Coffee Obsession

Last week my family took a short vacation at the New Jersey shore and I got to visit a few tea shops. My 14-year old son was not thrilled about this, he says that "everything does not need to be about tea", so he declined to accompany me on my tea shop excursion but my husband agreed if I promised to spend no more than 15 minutes in each place. What a guy!! Anyway, at one location they had a special blend of coffee, tea and chocolate. It sounded kind of weird but I wanted to try something different. It was so delicious! I have spent the last two days, a bit obsessively, trying to duplicate the blend. I think I came pretty close. I have been drinking it black but my husband likes it with milk and sugar. The fact that my husband likes it so much is amazing. Here is my recipe to blend it at home (trust me, give it a try!)

To make approx. 4 ounces of tea (about 40 8ounce cups)

2.5 ounces Assam
1 ounce Dark Coffee Beans (the whole beans- I used Sumatra)
.5 ounce Dark Chocolate Nibs

Mix together in a glass jar and let sit for a day or two. Use 1 tsp per cup when steeping. Steep for 4-5minutes.


Lorraine said...

I tried this. I have been trying to stop drinking coffee but it is really hard for me. This is the answer. The hint of coffee flavor is really good. Thank you so much.

TeaBar said...

So glad you like it. I continue to adjust this tea - it is best with 1/2 of the coffee beans crushed/broken. Not ground, just put them in a zip lock bag and push down on them with a heavy pan.

Jason Witt said...

Everything does not have to be about tea? I've heard that from people myself and I've had to re-evaluate those relationships. I need support in being tea-obsessed right now and thankfully I've gotten it. --Teaternity